Newbie to another – steps to start a blog!

This article will genuinely help me help you.  Its helping me already.  The next part is now you! This is me officially blogging my first post.  In the past I’ve always told others that we can do anything, and its all easy if you just do it.  Now I’m about to prove that to myself on this post.  In my mind I’m just winging this… but to be fair I have all my life experiences behind me.  So really, this is an entire meta analysis of my life in my first post – saving us the research.

To learn, you need someone who knows how you want to learn.  Looking up past webpages and blogs we have a vast array of highly accomplished people telling us how to start blogs.  They are useful in their right.  However, in essence they are also very, very alienated from us.  Alienated from us, yes, us newbies.  A better way to learn is by finding someone closer to your level then improve from there.  Later, find new people to learn from as you reach another stage.  Fact.

It’s as straight as you make it. Always fun though.
Steps to starting a new blog 101 – one, zero, one!

Step One:  You have to start somewhere…
Intrinsically want to do it, and have your friends and family remind you that you’ve always wanted to do it!  Why then, why are you still waiting?  You’re got time to read, you’ve got time on Facebook.  You’ve got time to start something new!
Step Zero:  Seems like a null step? But it is the most crucial one of all!

Breathe in and wait for right moment…
Realise there is never one!  Realise that anything you do will have someone else already more experienced than you doing it.  Then remember that’s not important.  What is important is you to do what you set out to do.  Breathe out and see the green light ahead!

Step One:   Realise that you’ve always had it in you.

Look up the best webpages to start your blog and pick one that suits you.  Consider asking all your friends to give you feedback on your possible domain names.  Don’t.  Pick one and go with it.  Its your blog.  Just look up the concepts of domain names, then go with your gut.  In the end, it’s what you want that’s special to your readers, as well as most importantly to yourself.

The first blog will be exhilarating.  You will want to re-read and re-perfect it.  You will find it went faster than the first time you were in bed with someone else.  Just go with it.  That’s the best way by far!  You will not get another experience like it.  Keep it raw!  Keep it exciting!
Madic Journeys, bloginity out!

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